What is TPS?

It is a digital orthodontic treatment planning service provided to orthodontists and dentists by expert staff.


Professional Treatment Planning Service

Allows doctors to make digital treatment planning (ClinCheck) faster, more seamlessly, and more comfortably; it creates an opportunity for doctors to focus more on their patients, thanks to accurate and fast planning.

How we work »

Treatment Planning Support

It supports doctors to develop a treatment plan on ClinCheck.

Invisalign Communication Support

Curinline carries out the necessary communication with Invisalign in the treatment planning process of ClinCheck on behalf of the doctors.

Post-Planning Support

Provides support for possible problems that doctors may encounter after planning.

Telephone and Online Consulting Services

It provides consultancy services to providers at all stages of the treatment either over the phone or online.


Why TPS is needed

You may encounter some obstacles during the treatment process! ClinCheck software offered by Invisalign is a system that is clinically and technically difficult to manage. Doctors can waste unnecessary time on some details at various stages while planning treatment on Clincheck.

On the other hand, a mutual discussion with Invisalign technicians about the planning of the treatment through Clincheck is also necessary to produce aligners.

During these discussions, doctors can get stuck on issues such as time constraints and language barriers. Such situations may cause prolonged treatment processes and unsuccessful clinical results.

For this reason, running this process on your behalf by providing TPS service by an expert team always contributes positively to our doctors by making your work easier and creating more time for you. This allows you to focus more on your business and patient satisfaction.


An expert staff that understands both sides makes it easier for doctors...

Curinline plays a solution-oriented role and acts as a bridge between the two sides, making a positive contribution to the treatment process.

During the treatment planning phase of the ClinCheck process, getting support from an expert team who knows the treatment planning well and talks in the same language as the technicians helps to get more positive results.

What are we doing?

By following all ClinCheck procedures and technician communications on behalf of our doctors, we lighten their burden and give them more time to take care of their patients.


We help doctors to improve their treatment techniques. We offer doctors comprehensive treatment protocols to achieve predictable and reliable clinical results.

Professional Treatment Planning Service