How Do We Work?

Curinline is based on a working principle consisting of 9 stages.

You can take a look at all the process details through the scheme we have created.

1) Start as a member

By becoming a member of Curinline, you can start to benefit from the services offered by the system.

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2) Curinline is authorized on your behalf

After your membership process is completed, you assign authorization to Curinline in the Invisalign panel. A sub-profile is created in the Invisalign account of the doctor and all processes are carried out on your behalf through this sub-profile.

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3) Information is uploaded into the system

Patient information, photographs related to the treatment, and 3-dimensional intraoral images (ITERO, 3 SHAPE OR TYPE A SILICONE) are uploaded to the Invisalign system by the doctor.

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4) You get notification within 24 hours

The information provided is reviewed and your prescription is prepared within 24 hours and uploaded to the Invisalign system.

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5) Necessary correspondence is made for the approval phase

As a result of the correspondence with Invisalign, the treatment planning is brought to the stage of approval within 7-9 business days.

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6) Approval notification is sent to the doctor

When the treatment planning reaches the approval stage, the relevant provider is notified.

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7) 15-minute case assessment request

If requested by the doctor, an appointment is set up, and a 15-minute case discussion is conducted with our expert staff.

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8) Doctor approval and production stage

The treatment plan is approved by the doctor and the aligner production is started.

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9) Application to the patient after production

When the aligners reach the doctor, you can safely apply them to the patient.

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Why Curinline?

Because... Curinline shares its knowledge and expertise about Invisalign with doctors; It enables doctors to focus more easily on the treatment process by saving time and energy. In this way, the time and resources of the provider are used more efficiently and effectively.

A Professional Staff Makes All Planning

Curinline is a professional team of orthodontists and dentists, all of whom are experts in their fields. While treatments are planned by technicians in many TPS companies, treatment planning is carried out by a team of expert orthodontists at Curinline.

Over 5000 Planned Treatment Experiences

The Curinline team, consisting of expert orthodontists, has planned and managed more than 5000 orthodontic treatments to date. In this context, Curinline's goal is to create a patient-specific ClinCheck treatment plan in the fastest and most efficient way for doctors, taking into account individual specifications and clinical preferences.

Provides Defined Quality Standards for Perfect Treatment

Curinline realizes the fastest and most reliable treatment planning thanks to its quality management procedures specially developed for doctors to ensure the most perfect treatment to their patients. All details about the patient are examined carefully in the treatment plan and all technical details are evaluated by expert orthodontists and treatment plans are created. In this way, Curinline always successfully provides an excellent quality treatment planning service.

Converts Time to Efficiency

On the other hand, since the patient will have a more concentrated and fast treatment process, the doctors have the chance to care for more patients in the saved time. 

Access to a Wider Patient Population

Curinline is a passionate team that uses new technologies and closely follows the latest technologies in orthodontics.

Access to a Wider Patient Population

Thanks to the support provided by Curvinis's expert staff, providers have the opportunity to appeal to a wider patient population.

Professional Treatment Planning Service