Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this service bring me?

The TPS service saves you time, comfort, and money. The time you need to spend on treatment planning is minimized. The burden on you created by the planning process is reduced. It allows you to focus on the more important areas.

How can I start working with Curinline?

1. You can become a member by filling out the form in the sign-up section on our site or we can create a membership together if you call us from the Contact section.

2. A sub-profile for Curinline is created in your account with your IDS password. Transactions are carried out on your behalf through this sub-profile.

3. You can now start using Curinline services.

What type of information is required for TPS?

All information required by the IDS system is uploaded by you to IDS. If necessary, you can get support from us while entering the information. As soon as you inform us after uploading to IDS, the TPS process starts on our side.

How does the process work after submitting the patient information?

Upon informing us after the patient information has been entered completely in IDS, Curinline prepares the prescription for the patient within 24 hours and sends it to the Invisalign technician. 

How are case discussions done?

If you request a case discussion, an appointment request is created via the system or by phone, and a 15-minute appointment is arranged for the first available time.
How the case was planned is discussed with the expert orthodontist who planned the case via Zoom and Skype, and your questions are answered.

What is the difference between TPS and Pro TPS?

The first treatment planning of the case is made with TPS. But; if planning needs to be corrected during the treatment, refinement service needs to be taken separately. This situation requires the doctors to follow the treatment plan each time and prevents the doctor’s workload from decreasing at the desired level.

All processes from the first planning to the end of the treatment are offered to the doctors in a single package of the Pro TPS. In this way, it reduces the work and burden of the doctors and enables more energy and resources for patient care and clinical experience, which is more meaningful.

Do you have solution partnership activities?

We have solution partnership models for our providers for multiple treatment planning, clinical management, assistant training, patient communication, and the development of marketing strategies. You can contact us for detailed information.

How does your payment system work?

Upon entering your patient information and informing us; an offer will be sent to you about the appropriate service package and, if you approve, you will be directed to the payment system.

How long does treatment planning take?

After the first prescription is submitted, the Invisalign technician responds within 48 hours, and the communication process with the Invisalign technician is followed and if revisions are necessary, Curinline takes actions on behalf of you. Generally, after 3-4 revisions, the treatment plan comes to the approval stage. This process may take 7-9 days on average.

Who approves the treatment plan?

Since you are the one who sees and knows the patient most closely, the approval of the treatment plan must be done by you. During the process, ıf you wish, it is possible to discuss the case with an expert orthodontist through a 15-minute case discussion.

Do you provide information on the stages of treatment planning?

The 24-hour period begins when you inform us that the patient information has been entered into the IDS. It is possible to follow every step through the IDS. When the treatment plan is ready for approval, you will be informed via e-mail and text message.

What do you offer within the scope of the mentoring service?

Our expert orthodontists convey their knowledge and experience about aligner technology to you in groups of 4-5 people in workshops. Training will be held in which the planning of advanced cases, cases where surgical operation, and Invisalign treatment is used together will be discussed.

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